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Here is a short story, heavily inspired by Maurice Dantec sequel to Babylon Babies, Satellite Sisters. If you like this story, you can join my newsletter were I publish my coolest stories and theories :

Following the events of the 2024 French Olympics, NATO entered war against Russia and soon China.

>>24th of July 2024.


Elections in the main NATO members were put on hold, precipitating Canada, USA, France, UK, Germany into civil war, ultimately leading the globalist West to its Gestalt Fall.

Western democracy's lifespan, echoed by its token, the US Dollar, just dropped to Zero. NGOs, climate change activists, AI gender bias researchers were instantly driven to their natural conclusion : their garbage time just runned out, and they won’t be allowed for Level 2. Thank you for...

This article is copied and reposted from the, for increased accessibility and discussion space. Authored by @e/acc (substack).

Welcome to the e/acc substack.

Some thoughts.

e/acc has no leaders. It is designed to be robust to the attack vectors prevalent in our world. Journalism, mob rule, cancellation, and capture by simple-minded and virally memetic partisan extremist ideologies, etc. We respect anonymity.

e/acc is not right or left wing. We don’t want to see the world spiral into oblivion. This is not the accelerationism your friends on reddit are worried about. We’re optimistic about the future of technology and civilization, and we want others to feel the same.

There are very good reasons to believe that the memetics of the fashionable intellectual doomer era have been harmful to individuals, culture, and progress....


Here's my notes from brainstorming e/acc Heroes in OG e/acc Chat:

Malcolm McLean, father of the shopping container
Nikolai Kardashev
Isaac Asimov
Arthur C Clarke
Peter Thiel
Sam Altman
Nick Land
Claude Shannon
Mark Cuban
Thomas Edison
Richard Feynman
John Rockefeller
Henry Ford
Christopher Dresser
Grace Hopper
Steve Jobs
Sergei Brin
Larry Page
Ada Lovelace

"More than just industrialists, we should mention the great thinkers who created the underpinnings of a pro-technology ideology."


What is hplusroadmap?

We are a group chat, started 15 years ago, focusing on transhumanism, writing code, and hacking on biology. We do mad science. We build. We also have some funding available for sufficiently interesting projects.

Read more background here:

We have some other items on the wiki, like the internet's largest collection of targets for human genetic modifications:

You may have heard about some of our work here:

((You may have seen us when we made and released (it was online a few seconds after twitter spaces) the Marc Andreessen e/acc and grimes vs e/acc transcripts: and ))


Things we tend to focus our projects around:

  • do-it-yourself biology, genetic engineering, gene therapy, biohacking, synthetic biology
  • cryonics
  • molecular nanotechnology
  • DNA synthesis machine development
  • brain emulation, brain uploading, computational neuroscience
  • mammalian intelligence enhancement
  • nootropics
  • molecular biology, polymerase, enzyme engineering, protein

I came from the Lex Fridman podcast, I'm a software/system engineer by trade and cybersecurity & outer-space enthusiast etc. I heard about e/acc before etc. but awesome to learn about the source of it, I like what you guys doing accelerating evolution etc. AI has been regulated and limited recently but awesome to see people who don't want it limited. And awesome to see new ideas and creativity.

Transcribed from Marc Andresseen's Twitter Thread and also available on his Substack

“You live in a deranged age — more deranged than usual, because despite great scientific and technological advances, man has not the faintest idea of who he is or what he is doing.” — Walker Percy 

“Our species is 300,000 years old. For the first 290,000 years, we were foragers, subsisting in a way that’s still observable among the Bushmen of the Kalahari and the Sentinelese of the Andaman Islands. Even after Homo Sapiens embraced agriculture, progress was painfully slow. A person born in Sumer in 4,000BC would find the resources, work, and technology available in England at the time of the Norman Conquest or in the Aztec Empire at the time of Columbus quite familiar. Then,...

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Before starting, I want to let you know that I will host a meet-up on E/ACC in Paris the 14 of September. More information here.


E/ACC, WTF it is?

What’s E/ACC? At first it was a meme, distributed around Tweets, bios and Twitter spaces. Patient zero unknown. Newspapers started to talk about it, but only scratched the surface. This post is an attempt to reverse engineer E/ACC, to get its substance.



First we need to define accelerationism. Accelerationism refers to the dynamic of acceleration resulting from the positive feedback loop between technology and capital.

“The story goes like this: Earth is captured by a technocapital singularity as renaissance rationalitization and oceanic navigation lock into commoditization takeoff. Logistically accelerating techno-economic interactivity crumbles social order in auto-sophisticating machine runaway. As markets learn to...

Capitalism, Fascism, and Marxism. All 3 financial systems give weight to human capital (labor) and intellectual capital. In the AI future of our world, intellectual capital will cost pennies instead of +$100k. This idea breaks our current system of 'investing' in education at great cost, and then receiving financial benefit from it over one's life. The good thing of this is it will ideally destroy all forms of technocracy, which can be quite poorly managed with large egos, as was seen with Anthony Fauci when he said "I am THE science".  
The question I ask, is what will our AI future financial system be? Will physical assets become more valuable, as they will still be valuable for the necessity of living(housing, healthcare, food production, automated manufacturing), as informational/technical things will become less valuable?

This post was originally featured on my newsletter:

Imagine that the Roman Empire did not fall but just became Software? If the hardware of the Empire has disappeared, its memic image has definitively survived. What if the choice of Christianism, by the very last Roman emperor Constantin, was a virus designed to upload the Empire into some sort of memetic entity?

All the events of this early XXI century hint at the decline of the US Western Empire : 9/11, the subprime crisis, the struggle of Globalism and finally Afghanistan withdrawal. The Empire has reached its maximum expansion, to use the George Bataille perspective.

The timing for Facebook Metaverse’s reveal was very specific: just one month ahead of the Afghanistan retreat. Like in 300 A.D. the hardware Empire cannot...