What is hplusroadmap?

We are a group chat, started 15 years ago, focusing on transhumanism, writing code, and hacking on biology. We do mad science. We build. We also have some funding available for sufficiently interesting projects.

Read more background here: https://diyhpl.us/wiki/hplusroadmap

We have some other items on the wiki, like the internet's largest collection of targets for human genetic modifications: https://diyhpl.us/wiki/genetic-modifications/

You may have heard about some of our work here: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/612838/the-transhumanist-diy-designer-baby-funded-with-bitcoin/

((You may have seen us when we made and released (it was online a few seconds after twitter spaces) the Marc Andreessen e/acc and grimes vs e/acc transcripts: https://diyhpl.us/wiki/transcripts/2023-03-03-twitter-bayeslord-pmarca/ and https://diyhpl.us/wiki/transcripts/2023-03-12-twitter-eacc-grimes/ ))


Things we tend to focus our projects around:

  • do-it-yourself biology, genetic engineering, gene therapy, biohacking, synthetic biology
  • cryonics
  • molecular nanotechnology
  • DNA synthesis machine development
  • brain emulation, brain uploading, computational neuroscience
  • mammalian intelligence enhancement
  • nootropics
  • molecular biology, polymerase, enzyme engineering, protein engineering, fusion proteins, directed evolution, gene-editing
  • human cloning, embryo engineering
  • open-source hardware development
  • self-replicating machines
  • robots, mechanical automation, machining, electronics
  • space colonization, habitats, mining, communication, transportation
  • nutrition, bodybuilding
  • computer architecture, supercomputing, artificial intelligene
  • open-source software development
  • transhumanism
  • life extension, anti-aging, longevity research
  • cryptography, bitcoin technology development
  • artificial general intelligence, software AI
  • breeding and selection projects

Who might be interested?

Anyone who wants to build the future by contributing to projects, proposing new projects, and sorting through the enormity of technologies now available.


As mentioned, for sufficiently "ALIGNED" projects, there is some funding available. Hang out, contribute to some projects, or pitch and we can match interested parties up.

Now on Discord

Discord bridge for hplusroadmap: https://twitter.com/kanzure/status/1615359557408260096

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Really appreciated those transcripts, great work!

I came from the Lex Fridman podcast, I'm a software/system engineer by trade and cybersecurity & outer-space enthusiast etc. I heard about e/acc before etc. but awesome to learn about the source of it, I like what you guys doing accelerating evolution etc. AI has been regulated and limited recently but awesome to see people who don't want it limited. And awesome to see new ideas and creativity.

I support you. If you can keep my future wife forever young, she will surely be very happy.