Here's my notes from brainstorming e/acc Heroes in OG e/acc Chat:

Malcolm McLean, father of the shopping container
Nikolai Kardashev
Isaac Asimov
Arthur C Clarke
Peter Thiel
Sam Altman
Nick Land
Claude Shannon
Mark Cuban
Thomas Edison
Richard Feynman
John Rockefeller
Henry Ford
Christopher Dresser
Grace Hopper
Steve Jobs
Sergei Brin
Larry Page
Ada Lovelace

"More than just industrialists, we should mention the great thinkers who created the underpinnings of a pro-technology ideology."

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Nikola Tesla - way ahead of his time and predicted and even worked on early versions of many technologies that we take for granted today

If we're including writers what do we think about Greg Egan?

Steve Jobs, Sam Altman, Peter Shor, Nikola Tesla

I would had:

-Cody R. Wilson

-Balaji Srinivasan

-Christopher Pool

-Dread Pirate Roberts from Silk Road

where are the asians? where are people of color? if your hall of heroes only has the same looking people it's going to perpetuate a system that only benefits those kinds of people. this is not woke refereeing. diversity expands the pot of potential. diversity is good business.

who would you recommend adding? this is literally just a list copied out of a brainstorming session, definitely not complete :)

1blake7mototally understand! Jennifer Doudna could be a good one. And how about Jack Ma? Maybe Sal Kahn?
1Kai7moYuan LongPing
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