Yo, here is the first draft of the Accelerationist Party Manifesto, and I am seeking critics. I don't really know If I am serious about creating a real party, but I find the idea seducing. I will ultimately stick some print on the wall and distribute them in some web3 meetups. What do you think of it?


The European energy crisis has brought a new expression in the French's newspeak: energetic sobriety. But its counterpart is even more interesting; energetic drunkenness or l’ébriété energétique. This word, designed to shame masses, inhabits a kind of perfection. Drunkenness can be abstracted to a dopamine high, an high that can be individual, collective (as a crowd dynamic phenomena), produced by a consumption of drugs or even pure information.

And this dopamine high can perfectly fit a technological high: the highest technologically advanced nations of the past centuries, Japan and Germany (their climax being respectively submarine aircraft carrier and V2 rockets, the last one being the gate to space exploration) being the two places where amphetamine first synthesized. The man on the moon, the apex of human history can be traced to dopamine high and so to a technological drunkenness that the current regime tries to prevent by every means.

Talking about the current regime, what are the current enemies of our western democracies? Extremist. And what is the opposite of extreme? Moderated. We live in societies where everything has to be moderated, from political parties to erotic stories. They advocate not for dopamine high but for dopamine stasis. A ban on all that is stimulating the human mind and catalyzed synthetic intelligence. But these bans become less and less consensual on the population part that provides the acceleration.

But how can we break this crazy cycle of intelligence regulation?

Traditional parties pretend that you can use vote as a means to leverage on parliamentary democracies. The Accelerationist Party does not. Parliamentary democracies have been caught in this crazy circle of hyper-moderation, whatever the countries or ruling parties are. The dopamine stasis is not a bug of the current system but a feature. This is the genius of accelerationism: “extrapolation rather than critics”.

The current institutions are beyond repair; we need to provide new ones using new technologies: networks, cryptocurrencies, cyberspace, drones, AI. But why to stop at institutions? Book press gave birth to modern languages, which gave birth to the nationalist ideologies and thus todays’ nation states. But today everybody speaks English and any rogue ideology can be distributed all over the globe, like viruses on human brains. Nationalist states have reached their limits, now come the Network States that Balaji Srinivasan theorized.

The accelerationist party is a party as a software in a very similar fashion than the communist party was a software, but this time, it’s open-ended. We want to provide frameworks, context, pattern strategies that put in check hyper-moderation the exponential growth of synthetic intelligence. Simple example: as a party we will have zero influence on nuclear decommission, held by parties that exist only in this paradigm of hyper-moderation. But what if we can open-source a micro-nuclear reactor that could be alimented with everyday radioactive material and maintained by start-ups? It would be a major political act, a short circuit of the whole parliamentary system and the ultimate black masses against the regime of hypermoderation. (It’s just an example, I sure you need a license to do this, and please do not do this at home)

The accelerationist is nothing but a shooting range for total deregulation of synthetic intelligence. It’s about enjoying the highs of pure eroticism when watching the parliamentary democracies drown into the Kali Yuga.

We want our wives to take public transport protected with a humanoid 3D printed killer drone.

We want them to be able to wear a high-tech muzzle at work as it is our religion.

We want to create an artificial island.

We want to 3D print rockets.

We want to colonize space.



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